Butterfly Packaging: unless otherwise requested, the butterflies will come individually boxed ready for release in our custom designed triangle release box. If you are planning to do a mass release, the butterflies will be packed in glassine transfer envelopes to make the transfer to the mass release box or cage easier. All butterflies are shipped in an insulated box with ice packs to protect the butterflies and keep them alive and healthy in shipping and storage. Instructions are provided.
Live Butterfly Shipping Information: For most event dates, your butterflies will arrive the day before the event via FedEx Priority Overnight delivery. For Sunday and Monday events, your package will arrive on Saturday and FedEx charges an additional $15.00 for Saturday deliveries. If the event is a Tuesday, or the day after a major holiday, a same day delivery may be necessary. The shopping cart will show $0 for shipping at check out. However, you will receive a 2nd invoice / confirmation within 1-2 business days upon placing the order showing the actual charge based on the rate table below. This 2nd confirmation will also display the estimated delivery date and time. Please see the rate table below for estimated shipping charges:
Amount of Painted Lady Butterflies Ordered
1-14 dozen
15-30 dozen
31 + dozen
Weekday delivery:
(to be quoted)
Saturday delivery:*
(to be quoted)
 *(For Sunday or Monday events)
Note - orders shipped within the state of California will receive a $15 discount off the above shipping rates!